What is eCommerce?

In its simplest form eCommerce can be defined as the use of various communication mediums, mainly the Internet to conduct business transactions. It includes both the purchasing and retailing of products and services by a variety of companies and customers over the web. eCommerce allows for digital transactions between businesses and individuals seeking exactly what your online store has to offer. The majority of these transactions involve the immediate transferal of funds from customer to supplier and in most cases this is completed manually through a payment gateway once the business trader processes a customer order.

Online sales have increased dramatically in recent years as shoppers benefit from the huge savings on offer by businesses dealing their stock at far lower prices on the world wide web. This amazing tendency is set to stay as more web sites discover of the benefits of Internet trading.
Traditional in-store dealings often deliver a finer shopping experience in terms of face-to-face service, however, conventional approaches are limited by the location of their shoppers and how many customers can be tended to at a specific time. Online eCommerce stores, enjoy a global reach, supply content that is both captivating and applicable, overcoming many common shortages experienced by traditional markets.
The technological improvements generated by the developments in eCommerce have exhibited impressive growth in online revenue. This is depicted by the thousands of online business’ being rewarded by an all-inclusive eCommerce strategy, targeted to their specific business needs.
A tailor –made E-commerce solution can provide the following benefits for your business:
  • Reduced costs: One of the most impressive benefits of Ecommerce is cost! It simply is the most cost effective way to start and maintain a business. No pricey rental or employee overheads, service and maintenance costs, or any of the other costs that can often be overwhelming for many small business owners.
  • Global market: The Internet has the amazing ability to develop and advance your business into wider locations. With an increased customer base, your online store now has the ability to reach a much larger number of potential customers. This is one of the more advantageous eCommerce benefits!
  • Never close: Your eCommerce store is open and available to your increased customer base, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This will dramatically increase the opportunity of high valued traffic clicking on your site, producing online sales at all hours of the day.
  • Increase prominence: Through a made-to-measure Search Engine Optimisation advertising strategy, your online business will be at the top of the pecking order when it comes to enticing potential customers.
  • Customer Data: It is possible to investigate, gather, and evaluate customer information to monitor and fine-tune your business in the best way to further increase online sales.
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