Feel free to browse through our extensive range of e-commerce web design packages, which will suit organizations of all shapes and sizes. If you’re unsure of which option will best suit your particular business needs, feel free to contact our highly trained E-commerce specialists who can guide you through the entire process. Furthermore, if you require a custom-made solution, don’t be afraid to speak to our expert web designers, who can tailor a web solution that will satisfy your unique requirements.

Our e-commerce websites cater to both your business and your customers by providing you with:

  • Consumer-centric features that enables your visitors to find exactly what they want and buy it with ease
  • Administration features that make your life effortless in monitoring and maintaining a complex online store

Features For Your Customers

Visitors to your e-commerce website need to be able to find the products/services they want conveniently. The online store we design will allow your customers to:

  1. Browse categories and products/services, search your site, manage their shopping basket and make their purchase simply and without fuss.
  2. Browse through your catalogue online, see your most popular and best selling products/services, related items and detailed photographs.
  3. Use real-time currency conversion and multiple languages.
  4. Choose their payment methods.
  5. Choose from a range of shipping choices.
  6. E-mail confirmation of orders.

Features For Administrative Purposes

A complete set of administration features will allow you to conduct routine monitoring and manage your online store without a fuss while keeping up with a competitive market.

  1. Add products/services, change prices and photos whenever you want.
  2. Sell an entire range of products online within unlimited categories.
  3. Get a complete e-commerce website design or integrate a system seamlessly into your existing features.
  4. Get statistics of your bestsellers, implement and track online promotions and more in real-time.
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